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It’s not just a name, ComputerEase is easy to use.

ComputerEase is dynamic, fully integrated, and specifically designed for contractors as a construction management program to meet their everyday needs both in the office and in the field.

ComputerEase contains reporting tools perfect for construction contractors such as:
  • WIP (Work-in-Progress) Reports
  • Projected Costs
  • Labor Analysis
  • Unit Production 

The accounting software also allows you to choose from a variety of billing options including:
  • AIA Billing
  • Unit Billing
  • T&M Billing
  • Freeform Billing


ComputerEase Software was founded in 1983 by Bob Mattlin, CPA. Bob has a family background in construction and a personal background in accounting.

The software was created from a blended knowledge of accounting and construction. The purpose of ComputerEase is to provide solutions that improve the way contractors run their businesses and meet the unique challenges of construction accounting. Since that time, ComputerEase Construction Software has grown to be the industry leader in innovative construction management and accounting solutions for contractors of all sizes. Today, more than 6,000 contractors nationwide use ComputerEase to streamline their operations, manage their projects and increase profitability.

The evolution of ComputerEase Software is driven by the needs of its customers. Enhancements are based on input from existing software users. ComputerEase consistently receives top industry awards and accolades for their innovative and easy-to-use technology solutions.


ComputerEase software is an excellent choice for both general contractors and subcontractors. Here are some examples of industries currently managing their business with ComputerEase:  
  • General Contractors
  • Subcontractors
  • Specialty Contractors
  • Residential & Commercial Contractors
    • Roofing Contractors
    • Electrical Contractors
    • Mechanical Contractors
    • Plumbing Contractors
    • Excavation Contractors
    • Demolition Contractors
    • Highway Heavy Contractors
    • Roadway Paving Contractors
    • Painting Contractors
    • Landscaping Contractors
    • Remodeling Contractors
    • Concrete Contractors